Phuket Crewed Yacht Charters
Sail Phuket and beyond in the safety and experience of a professionally crewed momo hull yacht or catamaran.

Phuket Charter Boat Crewed Yacht Charter

Phuket has always been famous for its remarkable lakes that provide a wonderful sailing experience to the tourists. Yacht service is their main specialty and if you are looking for a remarkable holiday experience, then now is the time you educate yourself about crewed yachts phuket. Crewed yachts are quite enjoyable as well as beneficial as you just have to enjoy on the boat with your family members or your friends without worrying about the navigation and other tasks. Read on to know why you should go for phuket yachting once in a lifetime.


Excellent services rendered


For tourists, the yachting authorities of phuket maintain a decent pack of services so that they can enjoy their time up to the fullest. All the charters phuket are organized properly so that they can easily choose the kind of yacht they want with the money they can afford.


Top notch crew members


The crew members of the yacht service of phuket are highly trained and know how to satisfy the tourists. All the professionals in the crew are very friendly and understand how to make the tourists comfortable.


Special stoppages at some islands


With crewed yachts phuket, you also get to stop at different islands for visiting. You can visit these islands without any worries as the crew members will always accompany you wherever you as your guides and friends.


Excellent camping equipments


In case you feel like camping on the islands you visit, then you also the camping equipments providing by the yacht service of phuket. These camping equipments are very reliable and will keep you warm even if it is dead cold in the night.


Going for charters phuket is indeed a wise call as youd be able to enjoy your holidays up to the fullest. Whether you go for a yacht or you go for a power boat, you will get all the facilities that you need for your stay so that you can know the true meaning of a holiday. Yachting is very affordable and therefore you should plan your holidays this fall to phuket as they offer remarkable yachting facilities to the tourists who are looking forward to a great holiday.


Phuket Crewed Yacht Charters

  • Mono Hull
  • Catamarans
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La Pinelle

Yacht: Benetau Oceanis 320 Hull: Mono Hull Max Guests: 4 Price: from  €490

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Yacht: Hull: Mono Hull Max Guests: 6 Price: from  €650

View Yacht

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Yacht: Hull: Mono Hull Max Guests: 40 Price: from  €3,000

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Escape - Lagoon 380

Yacht: Lagoon 380 Club Hull: Catamaran Max Guests: 8 Price: from €450

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Yacht: Hull: Catamaran Max Guests: 50 Price: from €4,000

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Chimera 37ft catamaran

Yacht: Hull: Catamaran Max Guests: 10 Price: from €630

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White Conch

Yacht: Hull: Catamaran Max Guests: 8 Price: from €890

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Crewed Yacht Options and Extras

Once you have decided to book a crewed yacht charter with us at Phuket Charter Boat, you have a variety of options that we offer that will complement your charter experience. As an example, we can arrange for your yacht to be provisioned with food and beverages for your trip. If scuba diving is something you would like to include within your trip, Phuket Charter Boat can assist you with scuba diving equipment hire. Phuket Charter Boat crews are all professionally trained and are skippers are fully licensed..

  • Food and Beverage Options To Suit Any Taste
  • Scuba and snorkelling equipment
  • Skippers crew and Cooks
  • Additional travel insurance.
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